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[3.3.5a] PandoraWoW - 7x Blizzlike, no customs, fairplay.

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[3.3.5a] PandoraWoW - 7x Blizzlike, no customs, fairplay. Empty [3.3.5a] PandoraWoW - 7x Blizzlike, no customs, fairplay.

Mensagem  Ragnul Seg Jun 20, 2011 1:38 pm

We proudly present you... PandoraWoW.com

World of Warcraft Private Server 3.3.5a

General Info:

Official Website: http://www.pandorawow.com/
Connection Guide: Few steps and you're ready to play!
Realmlist: logon.pandorawow.com
Current Version: 3.3.5a (12340)

Frostwing Realm:
Our magical rates, not too fast, not too slow, not exploitable:

Monsters XP: 7x
Quests XP: 7x
Exploring XP: 1x
Honor Gain: 3x
Reputation Gain: 7x
Money Drops: 7x
Normal/Uncommon/Rare Drops: 7x
Epic Drops: 1x


Blizzlike oriented, no custom portals, vendors or anything else.
NO CUSTOM ITEMS, that means MORE FAIRNESS between players!
PLUS NO Item sets, weapons or any other late game or imba items at the webshop.
Line of Sight and Collision System
90% Scripted Content, ICC, Battered Hilt, ALL Frozen Halls instances fully scripted, including their quests.
Daily backups and no database wipes!
Active battlegrounds and arena for PvP addicts
Anti-cheat system and active GM checks
Good uptime, our record is 8 days, and the average is 3 days
Only 5 minutes downtime for updates maintenance, we prepare everything first and then we just restart the server to apply the changes
Weekly in-game events hosted by our team with great prizes
Weekly checked arena battles for get rid of farmers
Almost daily core and database updates, what we can, we fix, we don't wait for others to do it for us!

And I consider this thing below would make some of you decide whether to join or not:

We don't have an army of unexisting "professional" developers and we don't claim we have our "own" emulator (copy-pasted TC with fixes from here and there), and the most important we do it for fun and because we hope to become better than the big business sharks up there in the ranks, and I'm not talking about the retail servers

Join our growing community and see for yourself, click here!

Hope to see you in-game!


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